20 Mar 2009

Love is in the air

Michelle Pfeiffer é provavelmente uma das cinco mulheres mais lindas do mundo.
Vendo bem é mesmo capaz de ser a mais bonita de todas.
É a perfeição no feminino.
Aqui juntamente com outro actor compõe o retrato de um casal que julga ter acabado o amor com o sindroma dos “quinze anos”.
O filme é encantador e o realizador famoso por muitas obras dirigiu também “When Harry Met Sally...”.
E assim, percebe-se melhor

Os diálogos são fantásticos.
Quanto ao sexo

To have a happy marriage is to accept the chasm between men and women.
Which is?
He can mend a fight with sex.
She can't have sex until the fight's resolved.
Why is that?
It's the difference between the penis and the vagina.
A penis is a thruster, a battering ram, if you will.
Even if it's mad, it can ram. Sometimes it even helps.
It's the "mad-ram principle."
However, the vagina....
The vagina!
The vagina has to be relaxed in order to open and receive.
It can't be a gracious hostess in a state of anger.
That goes for blowjobs and kissing too.
Every female point of entry needs to know that the penis is coming...
...in peace.

Relativo à fidelidade

It's not an affair. Theresa never had sex with him, they just kiss
A kiss is an affair.
You think so?
Absolutely. Once you establish anything truly intimate with another person, even talking, it has to affect the person you're supposed to be the most intimate with.
But the crazy thing is that Theresa could fuck her husband. She just couldn't kiss him, I mean really kiss him.
It's not so crazy. There have been times when I'm so angry at Stan that I could fuck him but I don't want that count on anyone near me.
A kiss can be so much more intimate than sex.
Yeah. Why is that?
Because fucking means "yeah, yeah, I love you" but a kiss, a kiss means "I like you".

Sobre a culpa

Are you saying it's all my fault?!
It's nobody's fault!
When people say it's nobody's fault, they don't mean that.
They mean it's your fault!
The nobody's fault things are......hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, acts of God!
But when a marriage fails, it's gotta be somebody's fault! And it's not mine!

Devia ser obrigatório ver este filme para tentarmos compreender porque é que as mulheres são tão difíceis de compreender.

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