9 Apr 2009

O Horror

Um documentário de Alain Resnais sobre os campos de extermínio nazis com todo o seu cortejo de infâmias, mostrando como os humanos se podem tornar em animais raivosos.

In the DVD re-release, there is a subtle but controversial difference in one of the still photographs of a Nazi concentration camp in southern France. In this version the distinctive profile of a French gendarmes can be seen at one of the camps, implying that the French Vichy government of the time was aware of and perhaps involved in the management of the camps. This same photograph appears in the original version but the gendarme's profile was obscured at the insistence of the French government (who commissioned the film) when the film was in post-production

Leaving the production aspects to his technicians,Himmler concentrates on destruction.
They study plans. Models.
They carry them out, the prisoners themselves helping with the work.
A crematorium from the outside can look like a picture postcard.

Today tourists have their snapshots taken in front of them.

"I am not responsible," says the Kapo.
"I am not responsible," says the officer.
"I am not responsible."

Then who is responsible?

( do filme)

Nunca se pode dizer que nada se voltará a repetir.

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