3 May 2009



This 2009 release includes American Heart feat. Boy George and special appearances by Lisbeth Scott & Sophie Barker (Zero 7). None other than Boy George - the legendary icon of the 80’s is collaborating with Bliss on their long awaited fourth album. Also featured on "No One Built This Moment" is Lisbeth Scott (from Steven Spielberg's - Munich and Mel Gibson's - The Passion of the Christ) as well as Sophie Barker from Zero 7, so there is plenty of reason to lean back and enjoy...
But that s not all: In the spring of 2009 the sound of Bliss was heard in a worldwide campaign for DKNY as Bliss has signed a 2 year contract with the fashion label!

"American Heart" is the without doubt the defining track on this album, awesome acoustic guitar riffs blend with pulsing percussion and maracas while to vocals of Boy George and Alexandra Hanmede meld together in perfect union

O disco não é meu, as notas também não e por isso vão no original.



Kerstin said...

Great review!
Thank you for your kind words! :)

Hope you don't mind me linking to your post from my MySpace blog:

Fado Alexandrino said...

You’re welcome.
As I said (in portuguese) the review is not myne.